How to batch delete multiple events
How-to guide on deleting multiple events from a field in one go
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There are times when you may need to remove more than one event from a field and we have made it easier to do so!

Our new multi-event delete feature is useful if:

  • You used the Copy Events feature and accidentally copied over duplicate events to a field

  • Duplicate or extra events were carried over from a third-party integration

  • You accidentally added events to the wrong field

How do you use it?

Step 1: Navigate to a field where you need to delete events. At the bottom, click the Manage records button

Step 2: Select the events you need to delete. You can scroll down and select events from any year as needed. Click Delete records.

Step 3: Review your selections and click Delete to remove the events.

Check out this 20-second demo video:

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