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Carbon field boundary requirements
Carbon field boundary requirements

The requirements your fields should meet to be successfully added to Carbon by Indigo

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It is important for field boundaries to be as accurate as possible since your fields provide a canvas for acre count, data collection, baseline measurements, soil samples, and ultimately credit generation and payment.

Boundaries must meet the following conditions in order to be saved in Carbon:

  • Have fewer than 3000 points

  • Be less than 247,000 acres

  • Have a diagonal length less than 10 km

  • Be located within the latitudes 90°N and 90°S

  • Contain fewer than 50 polygons

  • Must not overlap another field boundary

Additionally, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • A field should generally represent where the same crop (or crop mix) is grown

  • Only include farmable land and exclude any land covered by roads, buildings, trees, hedgerows, and/or watercourses

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