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How to upload supporting documents
How to upload supporting documents

Supporting documents help provide proof of the management events you did on your fields. Learn how to add them and what is required.

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What to upload?

Indigo will request documentation for events related to your practice change(s). You may also be required to provide supporting documentation if the event details you provided were deemed out of normal practice for your region based on USDA crop data and other public standard practices. To ensure accurate calculation of credits generated we ask for supporting documentation that matches the details provided.

Tips for uploading documents:

  1. Enter the event records that you have on hand.

  2. Then go back and pull the documentation needed for the events. IMPORTANT: You can only copy over supporting documents tied to a specific event the first time the event is saved so if you have a practice change event that will apply to multiple fields and use the same document, be sure to attach the document and copy the event the first time you save it!

  3. You can also scan your documents digitally to your computer or take a picture from your phone and email it to yourself so it's saved on your computer and you can organize by field.

  4. Go back into your carbon account and upload the appropriate document(s) to the correct field and event.

How to upload

Step 1: For each practice change-related event, there is a "Supporting Documents" section at the bottom. Click on "Add Documents" to upload files from your computer.

Step 2: A window will pop up listing the acceptable file types and will give you the option to drag and drop a file, browse your computer files, or select from previously uploaded documents. Select the file and attach.

Step 3: When you use the browse option to upload a document from your computer files, you will have the option to change the document name (if needed) and add document notes. Notes are helpful for our review team to ensure your documentation supports the event form so be sure to use the notes box to include any clarifying details. See the example below.

Once attached, you will see the document at the bottom of the event.

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