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How to contract your eligible fields in Carbon by Indigo
How to contract your eligible fields in Carbon by Indigo

A step-by-step guide to contracting the fields you've added to your account.

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Step 1: When you have added your practice changes and checked your fields' eligibility, you will be taken to the Contracts page to complete your enrollment.

Clicking Save on the Eligibility Form will take you directly to the Contracts page or you can get there from the My Carbon Status menu:

Step 2: Review your fields that are "Eligible but not enrolled".

Step 3: Select which fields you would like to contract by clicking the box next to the field shape. After you finish selecting, click "Enroll Fields".

Step 4: Review the information in the small modal that pops up. You'll have to click "I understand" to proceed.

Step 5: Review the Carbon contract, sign it with your name, and click "Agree and Sign". This is the last step!

You should receive this confirmation message, which means you have successfully signed your contract with Carbon by Indigo!

You can double-check that your fields are contracted on the Contracts page. If you see a green checkmark, you are all set!

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