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Use Mapping Tools to Remove Areas of a Boundary or Add Pivot Fields
Use Mapping Tools to Remove Areas of a Boundary or Add Pivot Fields

Advanced field boundary editing tools

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Our field boundary editing tools will allow you to cut out sections of your field (i.e. a pond or grain bin) and easily add a pivot field.

Step 1: There are 3 options for adding fields. Click on the "Draw" option and select your field from the pre-determined boundaries

Step 2: Access the editing tools by clicking the Remove drop-down at the top of the page.

Cutting out a section of your boundary:

To cut an area out of a field boundary you have mapped, click on either the polygon or circle option. Drop and connect points around the area you wish to cut out of the boundary and finish by clicking Cut area.

Removing a waterway:

To remove a waterway from your field, click on the Waterways & Roads option under Remove.

Click to drop points that trace your waterway or road. When finished, click Complete Line.

Enter the width of the waterway and click Done. This will cut out the waterway at your width specification.

Adding a pivot field:

To easily add a boundary for a pivot field, click on "Draw" and select the Circle option. This will give you a circle you can drop over the top of your pivot field.

You can also use the Undo and Redo buttons for improved field editing.

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