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Add Practice Changes and Check Your Eligibility
Add Practice Changes and Check Your Eligibility

Follow these steps to indicate your practice changes and check field eligibility

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Once your fields have been added, it's time to check their eligibility and identify practice changes.

Step 1: When you have finished adding all your fields, click the "Check Eligibility" button.

NOTE: You can also access the eligibility checks by going to the My Carbon Status tab and selecting Check Eligibility.

Step 2: You will be re-directed to the Check Eligibility page. The first step is to indicate your qualifying practice changes for each field. Select a field for which you've made a practice change and click "Identify Practice Changes."

Step 3: Select your practice change(s). It's important to accurately capture the crop season in which you did or plan to complete the practice change(s).

Click the link below to learn more about qualifying practices.

Step 4: Before clicking Save, scroll down to the bottom of the page and use our batch apply feature to copy this practice change form to other fields with the exact same practice change info.

Step 5: Once you finish entering all your practice changes, scroll down and click Next.

Step 6: Review and fill out the Eligibility form and Save.

  • The first two sections of this form are on the entity level and ask about conservation programs and compliance.

  • The third and final section of the form has questions that apply at the field level. Answering "Yes" to any of these questions will affect eligibility and you will need to indicate the specific fields affected.

  • If you want more details on eligibility, check out our Eligibility Overview.

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