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Reviewing your Carbon payment report
Reviewing your Carbon payment report

A visual guide for understanding your payment report

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Congratulations on completing Carbon Harvest! You've received your payment & payment report and now it's time to break it down and understand the numbers.

How to access your payment report

Find your report in the drop-down menu under your name in the top right corner of your account. Click on Payment Report.

Tips for reviewing your report

As you read through your report, be sure to click on the question mark icons to get more information about the numbers you are seeing

From your Payment Summary Page, you can view this year's report by clicking View Report

The next page will provide a payment breakdown

Scrolling down, you will see your payment has been broken down on a field-by-field basis and you can see further detail by clicking View Details next to each field name.

View Details will take you to the payment breakdown for that field along with the vesting breakdown so you can visualize your payment values over time.

Additional Resources

If you have more questions about your payments, check out the resources below or use the live chat to talk with our support team.

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