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How to add field records by connecting to John Deere Operations Center™
How to add field records by connecting to John Deere Operations Center™

Use our Connect feature to bring your field record events into Carbon from John Deere Operations Center™

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If you use John Deere Operations Center™ to manage your field records, this guide will walk you through how to bring them over to your Carbon account.

We are working to expand this integration to all event types but for now, Irrigation, Grazing, and Organic Amendment (manure, litter, etc) events will need to be entered manually in your Carbon account.

Step by Step guide:

Step 1: To get started, make sure you have an active John Deere connection and have already imported your John Deere boundaries into Carbon. Check this by navigating to your account name at the top right and clicking Data Connections. If you haven’t done this already, you can follow the steps in this help guide.

If you have an active connection, you should see the screen below with your account name:

Step 2: After confirming an active connection, you can bring in new records for all fields previously imported from your John Deere Operations Center by clicking the Import New Records button.

Note: It may take a few minutes to import new records for your fields

Step 3: Review each field and be sure the imported records are accurate.

Under the Field Records tab for each field, you can identify events that have been imported from John Deere by the little green arrows icon (see screenshot below). If an event is imported with partial information, you will see it stamped as a draft which you will need to update and save before submitting the field for review.

  • If needed, you can make updates to imported events and save.

  • Machine records count as supporting documentation, there’s no need to upload documentation unless our review process asks for it. Note that changes made to an imported event could result in the need for supporting documentation.

  • You will then submit for Indigo review, and address any edits needed that return until the field is ready to file.

Step 4: File the field as usual!

Step 5: If you need to import more field records at any point after your initial connection, navigate back to the Connections page under your account name at the top right of your account, then click “Import New Records”.

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