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How to use the My Documents Page
How to use the My Documents Page

The My Documents page creates a single place for you to organize your supporting documents

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Part of the farm record entry process for Carbon involves providing supporting documentation on events that require it. The My Documents page gives you a single place where you can upload, store, and organize all your supporting documents.

This brief how-to guide will walk you through the easy steps of using this page.

Step 1: You will find "My Documents" under your account name.

Step 2: Click the blue Upload button to start uploading documents from your computer. Select the entity the document belongs to.

Step 3: Select a file from your computer and upload it. You can adjust the file name, add comments, and select document type once uploaded. Click Save to continue.

Pro tip: Rename the file to something that will help you identify what it is later. (Example: 2021 Cover Crop planting Field 7)

Step 4: Once you upload a document it will be stored on this page where you can view or edit its details by clicking View.

Step 5: Once you have uploaded multiple documents, you may find it useful to use the search box to find a particular document by name or one of the many filter options to view specific items.

Step 6: Any documents you upload to the My Documents page will be available on your document pick-list when you choose to add a document to an event.

Note - any documents you upload using the upload tool on an event will also appear on your My Documents page.

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