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Copying Events Across Multiple Fields

Learn how to copy event details from one field to one or more other fields

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In many cases, you may have fields that were managed similarly and will need to reflect many of the same event details. We have made it easier to do that with our copy events feature.

*Tips to keep in mind before you copy over an event!

  • When entering records, start with fields that have events in common with other fields to maximize copying without making duplicates.

  • If you make a mistake while copying an event, the only way to "undo" is to find the field(s) you accidentally copied an event to and delete it manually from that field. Be careful!

  • You can only copy over supporting documents tied to a specific event the first time the event is saved so if you have a practice change event that will apply to multiple fields and use the same document, be sure to attach the document and copy the event the first time you save it! Click here to jump to the bottom of this article for details on copying documents.

  • Start with planting events so that you can filter by crop type when copying other events such as harvest, fertilizer, and tillage.

Step 1: Save event and copy

After entering details for an event, click the Save & Copy to Other Fields button.

Step 2: Use crop year filters & select field(s) to copy to

You can use the crop year filters to only see fields with a certain crop planted in a certain year. This will make it easier to select the desired fields from a long list.

Example: Take a standard corn/bean rotation. I want to copy my 2021 corn planting event to fields that were planted to beans in 2020. I would filter 2020 to "Soybeans" to only show those fields and then select them. (see screenshots below!)

You can now see a preview of the associated event on each field by crop year. Select which fields you want to copy the event to and click Next.

Step 3: Adjust dates & event area

You have the opportunity to adjust the date that the event occurred on each field and can edit whether or not the event happened on the whole field or a portion. When finished, click Confirm. All done!

Copying supporting documents from one field to another

Step 1: After attaching supporting documentation to an event, click Copy to Other Fields.

Step 2: Select the fields you want to copy the event & document to and click Next.

Step 3: Be sure to check the box to Include Docs if you want to copy them over with the event. On this page, you can also adjust the date of the event and field area. Click Confirm to finish.

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