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How to use the "I don't know" option when adding an event
How to use the "I don't know" option when adding an event

Know the dos and don'ts of the "I don't know" answer option when entering your events

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When you click on an event to add your farm records, you have 3 options to represent the details for that event. See the tillage event example below:

  1. Yes - I tilled this field

  2. No - I did not till any of this field.

  3. I don't know - I am not able to provide this information

Which Option Should I Choose?

  • If you know the details for the event for that given year and field, you will select "Yes" and enter the details.

  • If you know that the event did NOT occur on that field for the given year, select "No".

  • If you don't know whether an event occurred on the field for the given year (e.g. you weren't managing the field at that time, it was too far back and you don't have the records, etc) then you would select "I don't know" as a last resort option.

What Happens if I Select "I Don't Know"?

In cases where you need to select "I don't know" for a required event because you do NOT know whether the event occurred or not, we will do our best to fill the information in for you, though please note that it may not maximize credits. We will let you know if we are able to fill in an "I don't know" event on your behalf before the field reaches fileable status so that you can decide how you want to proceed with that field.

If we are not able to fill in this information on your behalf and you are unable to provide the information yourself, we will give you feedback from your field's review that we need to know that information in order for the field to proceed. If that is the case, you will only have the option to indicate whether or not the event occurred, or you will be unable to file the field or receive payment for that field.

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