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How to add fields by connecting to John Deere Operations Center™
How to add fields by connecting to John Deere Operations Center™

Use our Connect feature to bring your fields over from John Deere Operations Center™

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Watch the How-To Video Here - for full detailed steps, keep reading

Step 1: Connect to your John Deere Operations Center™ account

Start adding your fields by navigating to the Add Fields tab under My Carbon Status.

Connect your Carbon account with your John Deere Operations Center™ account by clicking Connect on the Add Fields panel.

You will be redirected to the John Deere Operations Center sign-in screen. Enter your John Deere Operations Center™ username and password and click Sign In.

John Deere will ask you to allow data sharing access with Indigo Ag. Select Allow.

Step 2: Select the John Deere data you want to share

Select the organizations you want to share with Carbon by toggling the organizations on the left-hand side. Click Save. You will then be redirected back to Carbon.

Step 3: Select the Carbon entity or entities

Once you are redirected back to Carbon, you must select a Carbon entity for each John Deere organization from which you are importing data. Make your selections using the dropdown provided. Click Add Fields.

Step 4: Select the John Deere fields you want to add to Carbon

Next, you will be guided through a step-by-step flow to select and review the fields you want to add. It may take a few seconds for us to load your data. Select Continue on the screen when the fields are done loading.

Select the field boundaries you want to add from John Deere by either selecting fields on the list or selecting them on the map. When you are done with your selections, click Continue.

Step 5: Resolve issues

If the field boundaries you selected cannot be accepted by our system, you will be guided through some options to resolve these issues before importing them into Carbon. You may encounter the following issue types:

Issue type


Boundaries that are too complex (exceed 3000 points)

  • Simplify the boundary

  • Do not import

Duplicate boundaries from John Deere

  • Select one boundary

  • Do not import

Duplicates of existing fields in Carbon

  • Link John Deere data to a Carbon field. The Carbon field boundary will remain, but event data from the chosen John Deere boundary can be added to the Carbon field during data entry.

Once you have finished making your selections, click Continue.

Step 6: Review and confirm your fields

On the next screen, a list of fields that are able to be imported into Carbon will be provided. Some fields may not be imported due to geometry constraints or field overlaps. Review this summary and click Add x fields to Carbon at the bottom of the screen to finish adding your fields.

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