Indigo has developed the Tillage Cost Estimator to help growers find out how much they can reduce equipment costs. The species recommendation takes into consideration location, acreage, current and alternative tillage equipment or method. The tool provides an estimate of tillage cost savings and provides an estimate of up to how much yield drag a grower can see and still breakeven at a given commodity price.

To explore the tool, access the Tillage Cost Estimate Beta under Learn.

Click on "No-Till Savings Estimator" under Tillage and you will be taken to the Tillage Cost Estimator page

Simple navigation to get results.

Once you get to the Tillage Cost Estimator, you will enter the following information:

1. Enter your State and the Acreage you want to change your tillage practice on

2. Enter your “Current tillage method/equipment”, and your “Alternative tillage method/equipment” and hit next to VIEW YOUR RESULTS!

3. This tool is actively being updated and we would like to get your feedback on how it can be improved

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