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Explore cover crop blends using the Cover Crop Selection Tool
Explore cover crop blends using the Cover Crop Selection Tool

Learn how to generate a cover crop blend for your fields

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Indigo has developed the Cover Crop Tool to help growers determine which cover crop species will be most beneficial to their operation. The species recommendation takes into consideration location, crop rotation, and primary agronomic challenge. The tool also provides a recommended seeding rate for cover crops and details on each recommended species.

To explore the tool, access the Cover Crop Selector under Learn.

Click Cover Crop Selector under the Learn tab.

How to navigate the Selection Tool.

Once you get to the Selection Tool, you will enter the following information:

  1. Enter your primary agronomic challenge

2. Enter your “previous crop”, the crop before the cover crop, and your “next crop”, the crop after the cover crop.

3. Enter how and when you plan to plant cover crops.

View your results!

Once you’ve entered the information for the Selection Tool, you will be able to see a custom cover crop recommendation with suggested seeding rates for each species. You can also view details on why we recommend certain species, what to watch out for when planting each species, and alternative species to the recommended cover crop.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn more about using this tool from Indigo Agronomist, Jake Linneman!

This tool is provided for informational purposes only. Any recommendations, calculations, and predictions are estimates based upon current information made available to, and/or utilized by, Indigo. Actual results may differ among growers and farms based on a large number of variables. Indigo makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee as to any results or outcomes in connection with such recommendations, calculations, or predictions.

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