Practice change indications on a field such as reducing tillage and planting cover crops help to efficiently direct soil sampling and minimize uncertainty deductions for all Carbon growers.

After you have contracted your fields, your first step is to add your qualifying practice change(s) to the fields and indicate which year they occurred. You will be asked to take this step before entering any farm records.

To enter your practice changes, access the Practice Change landing page under My Carbon Status.

Click on "Identify Practice Changes" and you will be taken to the page to add your qualifying practice changes for that field.

You can apply the practice change information to multiple fields under the same entity at the very bottom of the "Identify Practice Changes" page

Check out this quick demo video to learn how to apply your practice change(s) to multiple fields.

You can also get to the Practice Change landing page from your Fields Page:

How to view and edit.

After you have entered your indications you can see them on the Practice Changes landing page and edit as needed:

Demo Video

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