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Companies purchasing Indigo's Carbon Credits
Companies purchasing Indigo's Carbon Credits

Want more information on who is purchasing our verified Carbon credits? Check out this help article full of resources.

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As private companies increasingly seek out rigorous, science-based strategies for addressing the environmental impact of their operations, verified offsets have emerged as a key tool for facilitating impactful and cost-effective abatement and removal. Carbon by Indigo presents the first agricultural carbon credit project to deploy scalable, registry-approved methodologies for monitoring and quantifying net on-farm greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions and removals.

Want to know more about companies that have joined the effort to support farmers addressing climate change with Carbon by Indigo? Continue reading for FAQs and helpful resources!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are the supporters? What kind of companies are working with Indigo to purchase Carbon credits?

A: Over a dozen industry-leading companies in sectors ranging from life sciences, finance, fashion, consulting, brewing, and more have made multi-year, carbon credit purchase commitments via the Carbon by Indigo program. Learn more here.

  • Professional Services:

    • Boston Consulting Group

    • Heidrick & Struggles

    • Azolla

  • Fashion:

    • The North Face

    • Ralph Lauren Corporation

  • Technology:

    • Shopify

    • Givewith

    • Cool Effect

    • Charter Next Generation

  • Finance:

    • JP Morgan Chase

    • Barclays

  • Food & Beverage:

    • Maple Leaf Foods

    • Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

    • New Belgium Brewing

    • Epiphany Craft Malt

    • Blue Bottle Coffee

    • Butcherbox

Q: Why are companies buying carbon credits? How do they benefit?

A: Companies who purchase carbon credits via the Carbon by Indigo program support the farmers transitioning to regenerative farming practices and the unique, scalable climate solution they bring to the table. The purchase of carbon credits can also help these companies achieve their corporate climate commitments.

Many companies have started setting emissions reduction targets, but are not able to completely cut emissions to 0. Carbon offsets become a valuable component of their strategy. It's a win-win: they're able to support American farmers by purchasing high-quality offsets that represent the real, long-term atmospheric change that they can make claims to. Companies buying offsets from Carbon by Indigo also report other benefits: increased competitive advantage, bottom-line savings, and innovation.

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