Edit Field Boundaries Within an Event

Learn how to add multiple event geometries for a given event to one field without overlap

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You may have some situations where an event only occurs on one part of a field, but you still need to represent what happened on the other section(s) and don't want your event geometries to overlap.

Example: On the field below, you planted the North half to corn in April and the South half to soybeans in May.

Step 1: When entering the first planting event, click Edit Boundary in the "Where did you plant the crop" section.

Step 2: Draw the portion of the field where you planted corn, click Finish shape, and then click Save.

*PRO TIP* Instead of trying to draw the event geometry exactly to match the existing field boundary, drop the points outside of the boundary for the area you want to include. After you save, it will automatically shrink the geometry to the correct boundary. See the example below!

Step 3: Save the corn planting event and add a new planting event for that year for your soybeans by clicking on the Add another record button at the bottom of your event list and selecting Planting.

Step 4: Repeat Step 1 now for your soybean planting event. VERY important - you don't want your soybean planted area to overlap with your corn planted area because it will cause an error later on in the review process. To avoid this, click Add for the corn planting event geometry you just created. This will place the corn planting event on your boundary.

Step 5: With your corn planting geometry selected on the map, click Select Inverse which will place your soybean planting event on the remaining southern half of the field. Click Save and then be sure to save the soybean planting event!

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