Review Indigo feedback and File Your Fields

Learn how to use the My Carbon Status page to prioritize fields for record entry, and resolve edits, and file.

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Carbon Harvest is when final Indigo Review of records occurs and when you'll file your fields for the given carbon crop. All fields must be filed by the specified deadline to get paid for carbon captured throughout the year.

This is also a time where you can enter records if you didn't prep for Carbon Harvest ahead of time. Carbon Harvest Prep Support

We need to make sure your information is airtight ahead of Indigo estimating credits generated on the field and working with a third-party verifier and registry. Having a high bar during this process is part of how we create the highest-value credits on the market and ensure the maximum credit potential for you.

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to view and resolve any edits your fields may need.

Step 1: Navigate to the My Carbon Status Dashboard to see the status of your fields for a given carbon crop.

Your Carbon Status Dashboard prioritizes your field list by carbon potential (based on indicated practice changes & acreage). It also shows each field's record entry progress toward being ready to submit for review.

As you work on entering records and submitting fields for review, the Progress column will keep you updated on your field's status. There are a number of icons you may see

This table describes what each Progress icon means

Step 2: In the screenshot below is an example of different statuses (in the Task column) you can expect to see your fields go through as you work through this submission & review process. To resolve edits on a field we have reviewed, click where it says "Edits are needed" in blue.

Step 3: On the My Tasks tab, you will see a summary of any edits needed. To review the details about what needs to be resolved, click on the drop-down arrow for each bucket.

The drop-downs will provide you with more details on exactly what edits need to be made for which events.

Pro Tip! If you have multiple events that did not occur, you can quickly mark them all as Did not occur with our new batch edit resolution tool. Check the box next to all events that did not occur and then click Mark as did not occur to resolve those edits.

Step 4: Click Resolve to see your options for editing the event(s).

Step 5: After editing or filling out an event form, be sure to Save & Mark as Resolved.

Step 6: Once you have finished resolving your edits, be sure to click on the "I'm Finished Editing Events" button on your My Tasks tab and re-submit for Indigo to review.

Step 7: Your fields will go through a series of quick reviews so be sure to check back in a minute for any additional edits needed each time until the field is ready to file.

(Note that full review will take longer if you have submitted supporting documentation for review)

Step 8: Once Indigo has reviewed all your edits and your field is ready to file, the status will change to "This field is ready to file!" and you can file them one at a time by clicking the File button next to each field OR you can file them all together by clicking File All on the banner at the top of your dashboard. *


Once you file your fields, you are all set!

*If you file your fields with “Edits recommended” left to resolve, we’ll try our best to fill in the missing information. However, if we're not able to, the field will not generate credits or payment for the filed carbon crop year. ​It is always best to provide actual records when filing your fields.

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