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Adding an Event for Cover Crop Termination

How to properly document the termination of your cover crop.

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You can document several types of cover crop termination such as winter kill, herbicide, and mechanical. This quick guide will outline how to properly log a Cover Crop Harvest/Termination event.

Step 1: On your event list for the calendar year in which you terminated your cover crop, click to add a Cover Crop Outcome event. This event option will only show up on your list if you have entered a prior cover crop planting event.

From the choices, select the outcome of your cover crops then click "Next, Add Details" to continue.

Step 2: You will be taken to a crop outcome form. From here fill out the details. Be sure to click "Save Event" at the bottom when you are finished.

Note: Double-check the year you select for your termination date. The software automatically places the event (no matter if planting, tillage, or harvest) into the correct year according to what you document. An example would be if you have an overwintering cover crop, ensure that you plant it in the correct year (2020) and terminate it in the right year (2021).

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