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How to enter field records in Carbon by Indigo
How to enter field records in Carbon by Indigo

Carbon by Indigo requires growers to tell us a bit about what happened on their fields. Learn how to get started entering field records.

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Step 1: Navigate to the My Carbon Status page

Click on My Carbon Status Dashboard under My Carbon Status. This will take you to a summary page where you can view the progress for your fields in a given Carbon crop.

Pro Tip!: You can filter your dashboard to only show fields ready for record entry by clicking either of the buttons in the screenshot below.

Step 2: Navigate to the record entry page

Fields that require additional field records before filing will have a message indicating more information is needed. Click on the blue link to navigate to the field and begin entering records.

Step 3: Begin entering records

Under the Field Records tab, select a year and begin entering details for each event by clicking on the event.

Then, select whether the event occurred or not and click "Next, Add Details" to continue. For more details on when/how to use the "I don't know" option, check out this quick guide.

Step 4: Enter event details and save

After entering your event details, be sure to click Save Event. You also have the option to save this event to this field and copy it to other fields! For more details on how to copy events from one field to another, check out this quick guide.

[POTENTIAL] Step 5: Add supporting documentation

Supporting documentation is only initially requested for events related to your practice change(s). At the bottom of the event form, click on "Add Documents" to upload files from your computer.

Step 6: Submit records for Indigo review

Once you have completed entering all the required events for a field, click on the My Tasks tab to view next steps. Click the Submit button to send your field records to Indigo for initial review. Your fields will go through a series of reviews so you will want to check back and resolve any edits a few times before filing. Each time you submit to review, any feedback from Indigo will be provided in ~3 minutes (if you have submitted supporting documents to review, it will take a little longer).

You can check the status of your submitted fields on the My Carbon Status Dashboard in your Carbon account. Check out our guide on How to review Indigo feedback and file your fields for more details.

Questions about terms? Read more in our Terms guide.

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