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How to Request Shapefiles from the FSA
How to Request Shapefiles from the FSA
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In Carbon by Indigo, you can add many fields to your account by uploading your shapefiles.  

Here's how to request your shapefiles from the FSA:

  1. You can look up and e-mail your county FSA office's Executive Director here:

  2. Once you have your shapefiles, you'll need to create a .zip file to hold them.

  3. You can then upload your .zip file to your Carbon by Indigo account. Not sure how? Check out our step-by-step guide on uploading files HERE.

Carbon by Indigo supports the following file formats:

Google Earth/ KML/KMZ (.kml, .kmz)
GeoJSON (.geojson)
Shapefiles (.zip)

Here is an email template the grower can use to request the shapefiles from the FSA Director.

How to add shapefiles in FarmLogs

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