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Carbon by Indigo Software: Browser Compatibility
Carbon by Indigo Software: Browser Compatibility

List of preferred browsers when using the Carbon by Indigo site

Written by Raul Diaz
Updated over a week ago

We've built Carbon by Indigo to work with most modern browsers, however, there are certain browsers we've found that tend to work better than others.  Especially during the process of adding your field boundaries before enrolling them in the Carbon program, using the right browser can make a big difference.

When using Carbon by Indigo, we recommend using either Google Chrome or Firefox.  Microsoft Edge or Opera should work as well, but we consistently see the best user experience when using Chrome or Firefox.

Please note that Carbon by Indigo does not work with Internet Explorer.  If you're using Internet Explorer and running into issues, we highly recommend downloading either Chrome or Firefox and using one of those browsers going forward.

Below are icons of commonly used browsers to help you identify which one you are currently using.

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